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We have all the human, technical and material resources to offer facility maintenance solutions adapted to the needs of each customer and each industry. Nova Services offers specific and customized solutions for your company, school, university, hospital, medical office and in general for all types of facilities regardless of their size.

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Nova Medical, our parent company, was born in May 2010 under the leadership and direction of Ricardo Gonzalez, is a CBE Minority owned certified company in Washington D.C. Nova Medical began with a background of medical equipment repairs and refurbishing for hospitals, clinics and private practices but quickly grew to expand their capabilities and become the one-stop shop to include detail cleaning, biomedical engineering services, commercial window and door replacement, temporary assistant services, asset management, and upholstery services just to name a few. Providing our team members with continual training as well as the alliance formed with supplies has allowed us to evolve and expand our portfolio of services and provide greater coverage in multiple sectors of Washington D.C.

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Hospital Maintenance
We implement repair, cleaning and disinfection protocols with which we seek to provide a highly efficient service every day.
Doctor's Medical Office
Professional and thorough cleaning of your office and furniture. Your workspace will look productive and comfortable.
Commercial Door Repairs
We provide a comprehensive maintenance service, local repairs with highly qualified and committed personnel.
Glass Repair & Replacement
We provide glass repair and window pane replacement services for offices and hospitals with the highest quality installation.
Our professionals provide a reliable cleaning and disinfection service to give your office the cleanliness it needs.

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